• Recipes

    Home-made Chicken Pot Pie

    Something I have noticed over the years when things get tough or when the weather starts to change and the temperature begins to lower a nice cozy home-made dinner is one of the best things to enjoy with family. So I wanted to share a chicken pot pie recipe that my family enjoys having for dinner that is affordable plus a great comfort food. I can’t begin to describe how delicious this recipe is! From the moment it comes out of the oven my family swarms around it like starving lions crowded around a wounded zebra. Now, I must give the create to the individual that I found this recipe…

  • Faith

    Proverbs 31 Woman: Bible Study

    In this post I wanted to share a bible study that I think every woman should look into. Proverbs 31 woman bible study is admirable. The woman that it describes seems so impossible and to become someone like her is unreachable, but I’m here to tell you it’s not. We can grow and be like this woman with the help of the Lord. I know that sounds cheesy and people who aren’t believers this would be something to look into regardless. It is possible. Anything you put your mind to and with God’s help can be achieved. This post is about becoming a better woman, mother, daughter, or wife. It’s…

  • 3 Must See Places in Blue Ridge, GA

    3 Must See Places In Blue Ridge, GA

    Similar to my Adventures In Vermont I had to share with you some places I visited on my last trip to Blue Ridge, Georgia.  I have made it a personal goal of mine to try and find places that are either slightly or completely untouched by man to experience the peace and beauty it provides. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the world and things that society has to offer that we forget who we are or what we truly have. In the post I will share with you some of the experiences I had while visiting and recommend places to see in or around Blue Ridge, Georgia. (Now,…

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    Simple Cinnamon Candied Almonds

    Interested in making candied almonds or just trying to find a new treat to make? Located in this post is an amazingly yummy candied almond recipe! I absolutely love this recipe! I must give credit to the creator of it( Aston from Something Swanky )  because it is absolutely delicious. Plus, it was cheap and easy to make! Now, that something to happy about. For a person who likes to make things and is on a budget it’s always a happy day! I love food and sharing things that I do try with people I care about. Hints why I wanted to share this with you! It was right around Christmas that I…

  • The Battle Begins and Ends in the Mind

    The Battle Begins and Ends in the Mind

    In this post there may be affiliated links! Check out my Disclaimer Here! The Book Titled The Battlefield of the Mind After realizing that I wanted to grow and deepen my relationship with God I started to look around for devotional books to help me. So I stumbled across the book titled The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. This book introduced me to a different way of thinking by changing the way my mind views things. How I can build a better relationship with God isn’t only admitting that I’m a sinner and accepting Jesus as my savior its also about changing the way we think about things and by…

  • Privacy Policy and Disclosure of The Adventures of SB

    Privacy Policy and Disclosures

    Content   All content is created by me unless otherwise stated (credit will be given for any and all guest sponsored posts). Please do not copy content or images without prior permission.   Affiliated Links Click here to see the disclosure written for Affiliated Links.   Ads Disclosure This site uses Google Adsense advertisements and its owner does not control the content of the advertisements or the conduct of the third parties whose advertising content is being served by Google.   Email Sign- up Disclosure I use Mailchimp for this blog to collect email addresses for my mailing list. Please read their privacy policy Here. I do not share email…

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    Adventures In Vermont

    The Beginning of The Journey Vermont the state known for its beautiful green mountain ranges and delicious maple syrup. I have never been to the lovely state before and once we drove across the state lines the sights that I saw stole my heart. When I talk about amazing mountain ranges I mean amazing! My husband and I went for a long weekend trip up to his fathers house in Vermont for the first time. Never had I seen where he spent a decent amount of his childhood and it was exciting.  It was a trip that allowed us to unwind and take a momentary break from the stresses of…

  • 7 Tips For The First Year Married

    7 Tips For The First Year Married

    This article may contain affiliated links. Click for Affiliate Disclaimer Here. The first year married can be the most exciting and challenging time for any couple. You have just gotten married and you feel like your on cloud 9. Now, before you had taken that step forward you may have had an idea what marriage is going to be like. In my experience marriage was that and more in ways of both good and bad. I want to share with you some advice that I gained and still working on during my first year so that your life time journey can avoid some pot holes. 7 Tips that will be discussed…

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    Affiliate Disclaimer

    Hey guys! Welcome to my affiliate disclaimer. You may be wondering what is a affiliate? Well you have come to the right place! Let me start off by saying that being an affiliate I work with certain group of companies ( such as Amazon ) to advertise on my blog. Working with these companies I am given a tracking link that when a potential buyer clicks and purchases an item, I am given a small percentage of the total price. No additional Costs With this being stated I wanted to inform you so that you are aware that there is no extra cost for you. The price does not increase…

  • The Epiphany that Started It All

    The Epiphany That Started It All

    God has an interesting way of bring a thought or piece of information into your life before you can understand why or needing it. So when the moment he is trying to prepare you for comes it’s a revelation; like a light bulb that turns on and it just strikes you into a state of awe and amazement. It touches you in a way that it melts your heart or uplifts you. The Hint About a month ago I had a moment like this. One morning while at work I had gotten tired of listening to music on Pandora. So I decided to look for a decent audio book. I wanted…